Founded in 1963, SAE-China is a national and academic body corporate and a non-profit organization composed voluntarily by enterprises, institutions, incorporations and professionals in the fields of automotive and relative industries which focus on research, design, manufacture, education, sales, management and so on. And it is also the member of FISITA(International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies)as well as one of the initiators in organizing IPC (International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering. Now it is renamed as Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference/APAC). SAE-China has become an indispensable and important force for promoting healthy and continuous development of automotive industry through over 40 years' development and has been recognized by domestic and international automotive industries, different social circles, government and nationwide automotive professionals.

SAE-China has tens of thousands of personal members and hundreds of group members, with more than 20 professional committees, and has established business guidance relationship with provincial societies of automotive engineers. SAE-China has become an important force for spreading new ideas, exchanging new technologies and propagandizing new conception of China auto industry and also an important bridge for promoting the exchange among international auto industries.


The predecessor of SAE-China was the Automotive Engineering Sub-society of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, which was founded in Changchun in 1963. After approval by the State Commission for Economy Restructuring, it became a national society in March 1985 and joined China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) at the same time. In 1983, it initiated together with SAE U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Australia and Indonesia etc. to organize IPC. In 1984, it joined FISITA and took the director post of the Council. In September 1991, it became a juridical association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Service Principle

Promoting scientific & technical progress of China automotive industry

Fostering the growth of automotive scientific & technical professionals

Promoting technical exchange among automotive industries at home and abroad

Spreading and popularizing the knowledge of automotive science & technology

Publicizing automotive culture

Building a close-knit community for automotive engineers